Wilderness Experience

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been almost 6 years since I have posted to this blog. When I started the blog, this was something that I really enjoyed. It was an outlet and a way to express “my faith expressions”. But then…”IT” happened. I found myself smack dab in the middle of a wilderness experience. At times, I would even call it a “NIGHTMARE”!

But God!

He was there all of the time. I truly believe that I am on my way out of this thing and into my promised land. However, I am still finding myself back tracking a bit, as did the Israelites as they wandered in the wilderness. It is not me worshipping other gods or me giving up on God. My faith stands strong; but, my circumstances, most of which have been out of my control, have kept me in this place for far too long. I want out!

How do I get out?

I keep growing in God. I keep seeking after Him. That was the whole purpose for this blog…that I might grow in my faith and boldness for God. It was more for me than it was for those who might stumble across my page. Nevertheless, although life took me into places I never thought I would go and situations I never thought I would be in, my faith still continued to grow through the process. This became a reality to me when I had to make a presentation at my local church.

When asked to be one of the panel speakers, my first response was a resounding NO! However, I kept feeling a tug to do as I was asked, and so I reluctantly said YES! It wasn’t from a place of disobedience, but from a place of, “I don’t have anything to share on this topic! I am going through too much and I don’t have the strength needed to do this.”

As I began to write and prepare, I realized the words were just flowing. I had 5 pages, then 10, then 16. Wow! Me! The woman in the wilderness experience. The woman stretched to the hilt with the cares of this life. Hey! Wait a minute! Have I actually grown through this wilderness experience? Was God really with me the whole time? Even though I’m not in the clear just yet, do I actually have something worth sharing that may be a tool to help someone else?

I guess I do!

Well, at least I hope so. I’ve been doing tons of reading and praying and spiritual warfare, to get through this battle. It has not been easy. Even at this very moment I am going through a residual battle, but I KNOW that God is bringing me out. I’ve come too far to give up now.

In whatever you are facing today, YOU HAVE COME TOO FAR TO GIVE UP NOW! Keep trusting! Keep believing! Keep holding on to your faith. It is what is going to get you and I through to the other side. Our promised land is real and is waiting for our arrival. Press in! God is leading us through the wilderness.

I would like to share my presentation with you. Ok, so I have to forewarn you. This thing ended up being 30 minutes long. Ok. Ok. Stop laughing! I guess I had more inside of me than I thought. So, come back soon and I’ll have it available for you to read. The theme was “The Importance of the Spirit Filled Life” and my topic was…

Undertaking the Spirit Filled Life

There must be a willingness to:

  1. Separate from all sin
  2. Surrender to his service
  3. Saturate with the Scriptures
  4. Stand upon his saying

Check back soon if you’re interested in hearing what God gave me to share. Yes, little old me…that woman in the wilderness, finishing the process, becoming who God wants me to be!

Thank You For Reading My Blog!

“I will sing of the Lord’s unfailing love forever! Young and old will hear of your faithfulness.”
Psalm 89:1 NLT

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